Attack of the beast!


Actually, its hornet. When I got to office this morning, it was so stuffy. So I opened the balcony door. Only to be invaded by huge hornet of about 4cm long.


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2 thoughts on “Attack of the beast!

  1. Matt says:


    Seriously though, hornets are scary! I remember seeing one in the woods near Bath, I heard it before I could see it, such was the noise of its low drone!

    Lovely picture though, you have to admit when they no longer in the room with you, they are beautiful creatures!

  2. Toru says:

    Hey Matt,
    Yeah, I know they are scary. Few years back, they were making nest on my home balcony!

    No. There are not no longer with me. I took this shot when I managed to trap her in between the glass and (mosquito) screen. Window was half open, and she somehow managed get in between. So I shut the window immediately.

    I am actually writing this comment on the next morning, and guess what? She is still there, flying around, not dead!!

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