my 31st


This is my first post of this daily photoblog. And I decided to start off on my thirty-first birthday.

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4 thoughts on “my 31st

  1. Hey Toru! Happy birthday! Good luck, I shall follow these posts with interest as I am trying blog regularly (and with WordPress too!). How do you get the WP for android application to write that you’ve made a post onto your facebook wall? Is it because I have turned off the mediscape on my X10?

    Anyway, have fun and see you in the blogosphere!

    Matt 🙂

    • Toru says:

      Thanks Matt! I do have other blog, but its in Japanese, so I thought its time to do in English as well.

      As for WP to notify Facebook wall, its nothing to do with X10 or mediascape 🙂
      This photoblog is on, and there are options to notify Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo!. So I set up to do that for my Facebook and English Twitter.
      If you are using, I am sure there are plugins out there to do just that. There are for Twitter, so there must be for Facebook too.

      Or, may be, there are setting options on the Facebook side…

  2. Michael Pick says:

    Happy birthday! Looks like you had (or are having) a good one 🙂

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